Information Systems / ARCIS - Audit Records Custodial Information System

ARCIS is a system for filing of Agency Records such as Disbursement Vouchers, Official Receipts, Journal Entry Vouchers and Supporting Documents, and other documents turned over to the Audit Team as the custodian of agency's financial documents.​

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the electronic files uploaded in ARCIS admissible in court? in case the hard copies were lost/misplaced.  
  2. Are there are restrictions/limitations on what devices we can use to capture or scan the images / documents? Would there be an issue on the integrity of the file/image if we use our personal mobile phones?  
  3. Can other members of the audit team be able to update/edit/delete the files aside from the one who uploaded the same  
  4. Can we involve our JOs in the process since this would entail a lot of the audit team's time? or what level of access can we give to our JO's or they can participate up to the scanning only?  
  5. How about if one of the supporting documents is a blue print (ex. for buildings), considering its size, how will this be included in the uploaded documents?  
  6. Is the system available for 24 hours? Or during working hours only?  
  7. Is there a limit on the storage capacity of the database? We are concerned that with the voluminous documents of the agencies, there might be a failure on the uploading/viewing/ downloading of scanned documents.  
  8. Is there a mechanism in the system that will call the attention or remind the ATL that there were documents still pending for certification by him or her  
  9. It seems that this system requires additional personnel, internet connection and equipment. Where will we get the funding for its implementation?  
  10. Our auditee are currently scanning their documents for their database. Can we request these soft copies from them to be uploaded to our system?  
  11. What if a big agency issues a thousand of ORs in a day, do we need to scan all those ORs? Are we going to scan and upload every document that we received from the management or only those supporting the AOMs?  
  12. What is the impact of reshuffling / changes of assignments of auditors in the consistency of use of the ARCIS?  
  13. What is the liability of the auditor who did not upload docs to the system?  
  14. What is the recommended minimum internet speed for fast uploading of documents to ARCIS?  
  15. What is the required specifications for the hardware (e.g. computer, scanner, etc).? Another thing, each audit team will be needing these equipment to be able to capture the needed data. So, is there a budget appropriated for the procurement of these equipment? In other words, will the Commission provide each audit team - by auditees the necessary equipment as not all auditees can provide the same?  
  16. With regard to appending of documents. my question is the system capable of appending the post transactions reports to the same transactions documents. meaning the post reports can be attached automatically and become part of the files of documents scanned first.  

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